What not to do when you are on a weight loss diet

1. Completely eliminate carbohydrates in the diet
I do not know why people are so afraid of carbohydrates. In reality, the body, or more accurately, the brain needs them to work, so we have to eat even when dieting. The fibers are also part of carbohydrates, and you really need them, especially if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner.

2. Skip meals
Skipping meals will not help you lose weight, but this usually only make them worse to your body. If you’re tempted to skip a meal to cut as much of the calories, try better to divide 5 small meals daily. The body handles food better.

3. Exaggerate the sports
No matter how much you want to lose weight and burn calories, not a good idea to train more than an hour a day. An hour is enough for cardio training, weight training.

4. Starve
Women who starve while dieting become sleepy, unattractive, grumpy because you are always hungry. You really want to be this way? In addition, starvation is dangerous for health and can cause heart attacks.

5. You weigh too often
When you weigh very often, eg every day, you ged quickly discouraged. When you’re dieting, you can weigh yourself once or twice a month.

6. Expect to lose weight without moving a muscle
If you are serious about weight loss, do you accept sports. If you think that sounds scary, then don’t do it. Physical activity is a walk after dinner, ride a bike, all just to get up and move!

7. You have unrealistic expectations
Impose a reasonable number of kilograms you which ones to get off, then turn to a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

8. You accept to take diet pills without asking your doctor
Resist the temptation to take diet pills before asking your doctor. They can be dangerous to health or may interact with other medicines.

Few simple rules:
* Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
* Coffee and alcohol are strictly forbidden (allowed only fruit or herbal teas).
* Keep this diet for 2 consecutive weeks.

Sight, sounds and smells
Overeating can be encouraged by the smell of fried ham, popcorn sound, the junk food and more. We are influenced by the environment.

A daily snack
Try whole wheat bread or to satisfy your appetite or enjoy a light fruit or dairy products, no sugar.