Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

Losing weight is probably the most common reason why a lot of people go on a diet. There are maybe some that do it because of health reasons; some to gain weight and even some to gain muscles but as a general rule diets aids a person depending on the goal of doing so. Diet variations are dominant in society, and it still grows until today. These variations are usually restrictions and portion control basis and are generally sought out for its promised results.

One of the most popular diets is the low carb diet. From the most popular Atkins diet to Ketogenic Diet to High Protein diet, a low carb diet simply means cutting down on carbohydrates that can be found in some products. There’s really no complicated science in that situation. It’s simple cutting down or eliminating carbohydrates that is said to help you lose weight and results shows as early as a few weeks.

What is a low carbohydrate diet?

A low carb diet is defined as a diet wherein you cut down or minimize consumption of foods that are high in carbohydrates or eat products that has low caloric level in carbohydrates. The purpose is to lessen the glucose or sugar that you eat to be stored as fat and to “force” the body to use these stored fats as an energy source.

What do you add and cut down on a low carb diet?


  • Pasta – this is one of the first ingredients you need to semi-deprive yourself off if you are serious about a low carb diet but that doesn’t mean that you can entirely cut it out since there are a few things that you can do to add pasta in your diet again. One is to use whole grain pasta instead of the white variety. In addition, use olive oil, add more veggies and make sure that your sauce is flavourful yet restricted.
  • White bread – instead of the white bread variety you can also opt for the whole grain type like rye bread, bran, wheat bread, etc.
  • Sugary beverage and confectionary – this is a no brainer. Sodas are very high in sugar content so you have to remove them immediately. Drink water excessively or substitute it with tea to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
  • You need to limit starchy produce like what is indicated above and eat more dairy, fish and low-fat meats. You may limit some vegetables but there are some that are very low in carbohydrate content like squash, lettuce, spinach, celery, tomato, broccoli just to name a few. Starchy or vegetables that are high in carbohydrates are potatoes, peas, corn and more.
  • Eat more protein to substitute with cutting of carbohydrates. Eating protein will help you feel less hunger deprive and will make you feel full throughout the day. In addition to protein, it is also advisable that you eat fat. Not the “fat” that you are dreading but fat that will aid your body to a go on ketosis.

The number of servings will depend on what low carb diet you intend to follow. An Atkins diet will tell you to limit yourself at around 20g per day while a South Beach Diet up to 140g per day on the final phase of the program. Sounds simple right? A reminder before you jump the gun, here are a few tips you need to remember:

  • Every person has different tolerance when it comes to carbohydrates. Our bodies are made up of different compositions and needs different level of nutrients which is why these diets vary. What you need to determine first is what your body NEEDS rather than WANT because if you deprive yourself of certain nutrient, it’ll just pose problems in the future. Make sure that your body will receives proper nourishment through a particular diet before doing anything. On top of that, do a thorough research first before adapting a certain diet as well.
  • Do everything in slow succession. Don’t force your body to adapt immediately as that can pose problems for your body to adjust. Remember that your body is accustomed to digesting at a certain rate and pace and when you force it in hyper drive, it’ll get confused. Let your body be acquainted with what you want to achieve by slowly removing carbohydrates first so your body can adjust properly.
  • A low carb diet will be more effective if you combine it with an exercise routine or any activity like jogging or walking. If you do so, you’ll lose weight faster than just doing the low carb diet itself.

There you have it! All you need to do now is find what works for you and stick to it.