How to lose weight

Adopt the following tips in your daily diet and you will see that soon you’ll feel lighter and healthier.

  • Skip the croutons, halves the amount of dressing and parmesan cheese.
  • Order or prepare you a fried egg with two pieces of ham omelet instead of a whole egg with two pieces of pork ham.
  • Use 4 tablespoons hummus, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise instead of the sandwich. If you’re fan of hummus, use mustard, which contains almost no calories.
  • Eat just one slice of bread on sandwich, the rest give it to birds.
  • Aim for a serving of popcorn, no butter, instead of a bag of potato chips.
  • Between meals, appease your hunger with a handful of pretzels than a handful of peanuts.
  • Eat meat without bread.
  • When cooking at home, reduce to a minimum amount of oil used, even if it’s olive oil.


After reaching the weight, stabilization is the next important phase. You keep the 5-day diet 1400 calories and two days will be entitled to favorite foods, two of the three meals.

Self-massage for heavy legs

Do you feel tired and heavy legs? Nothing compares to a massage for venous congestion. Stretch on your back, lift each leg separately. After the massage, wait 10 minutes. Use essential oil of cypress.

Goodbye endless tables

  • Tables that lasts long and often lead to weight gain. Sit at the table 10 minutes and then get up.
  • Resume abandoned sports courses during the summer. Power-Plate, aqua boxing, pilates, Swedish gymnastics or jogging are perfect physical activity to lose weight.

Return to routine

  • It takes up to three meals a day: a hearty breakfast, a salad for lunch and dinner for the family.
  • Eat less, avoid fatty meats and fried foods.

It’s up to you to look good

  • At home, cook food easily without large amounts of fat.