How to lose weight with sushi

Raw food is generally best for the body because it retains the enzymes and other important nutrients that are lost along with exposure to high temperatures or very low or preparation processes. This diet is very beneficial because Sushi contain not fat but it contains only omega 3 oils from fish which is prepared.

Sushi is composed largely of protein, depending on the mode of preparation (most often in combination with rice) may contain carbohydrates, but in small quantity.

Sushi Diet

The secret of this diet is the consumption of natural, uncooked. Depending on the type of sushi consumption can easily lose a relatively short period of time because its composition help lower cholesterol and dramatically revitalize the metabolism.

Sushi-based diet must be rich in fruits and vegetables and contain as few varieties of cooked food, or even at all. This mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fat can be considered the golden ratio in the diet food. The nutritional balance is excellent, sushi is joined by several ingredients that encourages weight loss. Citrus vinegar burns fat while supporting metabolic processes.

Sushi can also be prepared using rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce called ponzu, and for a faster digestion is used ginger. Always at a sushi meal is served with green tea, which is known for its properties to burn fat, especially during a diet.

There are still some ways to prepare fish Sushi is not indicated in the diet. So if you’re determined to follow a weight loss regimen based on Sushi avoid excesses because they contain carbohydrates. Tamago is another sort of fish that should be avoided because of high sugar content.

For the diet to work, every meal should be well organized and consume slowly and in moderation. Use sauces characteristic of this dish to avoid consuming excess salt and green tea.