Express Your Ideas Through Your Words

Coming back to your essay draft on another day can be very very very important and help your writing that’s another reason why it’s good not to procrastinate because this will allow you more time to really process and think through how to do this successfully so after you’re able to really edit maybe you’re happy with where it is and you’re looking for some outside feedback I really recommend you ask someone that you trust for their advice this can be your guidance counselor your college counselor this could be a teacher that knows you well this could be certainly something that you ask a family friend or a mentor of some kind but just make sure that the words that end up coming out of your essay are yours either your words.

These are your ideas and you’re getting outside feedback to really tell you if what you want to be conveyed is being conveyed to an outside reader okay so getting that outside advice is very very important and very crucial and so just remember this is your story and having other people’s advice can help you to tweak to maybe pinpoint those little problems those little errors and diminish them but at the end of the day this is your essay and I think the more people see it the more outside perspective you get the better you can mold it into something that’s going to come across very well with your application materials okay so then these are some questions that I recommend asking yourself after you have completed a draft or maybe you’ve gotten to the end and you you’re feeling pretty good about your end result so the first main question is do you have a strong SI thesis right so within the first few sentences your essay topic and or the direction of where you’re going with your essay should be clear.

So this is something that I should know when I’m in that first paragraph I should know exactly what you’re writing about I should know exactly what prompt you’re coming from avoid using extreme or general statements so starting off with something like I mentioned my saying something like my mother is the greatest human being to ever walk the planet alright that’s could be true not to say it’s not um I’m sure that she is a lovely person um but the point with your essays you don’t want to just say extreme or general statements you want to show it with your words don’t tell it you want to show it you want us to visualize it you want us to feel why she is the best person in the world okay so visualizing your story is very important we’re going to talk about that a little more in just a moment and then the second piece is does your conclusions summarize and wrap up your ideas so your main idea should seem crystal clear to me by the end by the time I finish your essay they should be like wow okay I get it.