College Admissions Essay Format/Samples

Today I’m going to be telling you about the three most common types of essay questions you’ll see on college applications.

The common app requires at least one essay out of the five predetermined essay prompts which you can find ahead of time on their website.

However the majority of schools require supplemental essays on top of the one that’s required on the common app. The essay prompts for the common app and the other supplemental essays usually follow into one of the following categories, one common prompt is the tell us about yourself essay.

These types of essays are required because the admissions office wants to get to know you better beyond the limitations of your application. It gives you a chance to reveal something about yourself beyond just your academics.

The second is the why us question. Schools don’t use this one to boost their own ego so don’t use it as an opportunity to suck up to the admissions office. Use it to tell them more about why you want to attend their school and how it can contribute to your life goals.

The last one is the creative essay. This essay question is very common among the top schools. These questions are purposefully undirected and open ended to find out more about your personality. Although these are the three most common types of essay prompts there’re plenty of other random ones out there as well.