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What not to do when you are on a weight loss diet

1. Completely eliminate carbohydrates in the diet
I do not know why people are so afraid of carbohydrates. In reality, the body, or more accurately, the brain needs them to work, so we have to eat even when dieting. The fibers are also part of carbohydrates, and you really need them, especially if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner.

2. Skip meals
Skipping meals will not help you lose weight, but this usually only make them worse to your body. If you’re tempted to skip a meal to cut as much of the calories, try better to divide 5 small meals daily. The body handles food better.

3. Exaggerate the sports
No matter how much you want to lose weight and burn calories, not a good idea to train more than an hour a day. An hour is enough for cardio training, weight training.

4. Starve
Women who starve while dieting become sleepy, unattractive, grumpy because you are always hungry. You really want to be this way? In addition, starvation is dangerous for health and can cause heart attacks.

5. You weigh too often
When you weigh very often, eg every day, you ged quickly discouraged. When you’re dieting, you can weigh yourself once or twice a month.

6. Expect to lose weight without moving a muscle
If you are serious about weight loss, do you accept sports. If you think that sounds scary, then don’t do it. Physical activity is a walk after dinner, ride a bike, all just to get up and move!

7. You have unrealistic expectations
Impose a reasonable number of kilograms you which ones to get off, then turn to a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

8. You accept to take diet pills without asking your doctor
Resist the temptation to take diet pills before asking your doctor. They can be dangerous to health or may interact with other medicines.

Few simple rules:
* Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
* Coffee and alcohol are strictly forbidden (allowed only fruit or herbal teas).
* Keep this diet for 2 consecutive weeks.

Sight, sounds and smells
Overeating can be encouraged by the smell of fried ham, popcorn sound, the junk food and more. We are influenced by the environment.

A daily snack
Try whole wheat bread or to satisfy your appetite or enjoy a light fruit or dairy products, no sugar.

Your Weight

Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss


Losing weight is probably the most common reason why a lot of people go on a diet. There are maybe some that do it because of health reasons; some to gain weight and even some to gain muscles but as a general rule diets aids a person depending on the goal of doing so. Diet variations are dominant in society, and it still grows until today. These variations are usually restrictions and portion control basis and are generally sought out for its promised results.

One of the most popular diets is the low carb diet. From the most popular Atkins diet to Ketogenic Diet to High Protein diet, a low carb diet simply means cutting down on carbohydrates that can be found in some products. There’s really no complicated science in that situation. It’s simple cutting down or eliminating carbohydrates that is said to help you lose weight and results shows as early as a few weeks.

What is a low carbohydrate diet?

A low carb diet is defined as a diet wherein you cut down or minimize consumption of foods that are high in carbohydrates or eat products that has low caloric level in carbohydrates. The purpose is to lessen the glucose or sugar that you eat to be stored as fat and to “force” the body to use these stored fats as an energy source.

What do you add and cut down on a low carb diet?


  • Pasta – this is one of the first ingredients you need to semi-deprive yourself off if you are serious about a low carb diet but that doesn’t mean that you can entirely cut it out since there are a few things that you can do to add pasta in your diet again. One is to use whole grain pasta instead of the white variety. In addition, use olive oil, add more veggies and make sure that your sauce is flavourful yet restricted.
  • White bread – instead of the white bread variety you can also opt for the whole grain type like rye bread, bran, wheat bread, etc.
  • Sugary beverage and confectionary – this is a no brainer. Sodas are very high in sugar content so you have to remove them immediately. Drink water excessively or substitute it with tea to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
  • You need to limit starchy produce like what is indicated above and eat more dairy, fish and low-fat meats. You may limit some vegetables but there are some that are very low in carbohydrate content like squash, lettuce, spinach, celery, tomato, broccoli just to name a few. Starchy or vegetables that are high in carbohydrates are potatoes, peas, corn and more.
  • Eat more protein to substitute with cutting of carbohydrates. Eating protein will help you feel less hunger deprive and will make you feel full throughout the day. In addition to protein, it is also advisable that you eat fat. Not the “fat” that you are dreading but fat that will aid your body to a go on ketosis.

The number of servings will depend on what low carb diet you intend to follow. An Atkins diet will tell you to limit yourself at around 20g per day while a South Beach Diet up to 140g per day on the final phase of the program. Sounds simple right? A reminder before you jump the gun, here are a few tips you need to remember:

  • Every person has different tolerance when it comes to carbohydrates. Our bodies are made up of different compositions and needs different level of nutrients which is why these diets vary. What you need to determine first is what your body NEEDS rather than WANT because if you deprive yourself of certain nutrient, it’ll just pose problems in the future. Make sure that your body will receives proper nourishment through a particular diet before doing anything. On top of that, do a thorough research first before adapting a certain diet as well.
  • Do everything in slow succession. Don’t force your body to adapt immediately as that can pose problems for your body to adjust. Remember that your body is accustomed to digesting at a certain rate and pace and when you force it in hyper drive, it’ll get confused. Let your body be acquainted with what you want to achieve by slowly removing carbohydrates first so your body can adjust properly.
  • A low carb diet will be more effective if you combine it with an exercise routine or any activity like jogging or walking. If you do so, you’ll lose weight faster than just doing the low carb diet itself.

There you have it! All you need to do now is find what works for you and stick to it.


8 Best Vegetables for Weight Loss


You want to lose weight but you don’t know what the best products to include in your meal plan. Let me tell you a secret, any meal plan calls for a high amount of fresh fruits and vegetables since these are your best source for vitamins, minerals, and additional nourishments needed to keep you healthy and energized throughout your day. If you wish to have a healthy and nutritious meal plan, always include fruits and vegetables.

Why are vegetables important in your diet? First of all vegetables are a great source of fiber. Fiber is needed to help you cleanse your insides and eliminate harmful toxins that can be weakening your system. Another good reason to add vegetables to your meal plan is because vegetables are low in calories which you need. The lower the calories your food intake is, the lower the dormant fat that you retain in your body. Plus with the energy that vegetables provide, you can burn the fat accumulated in your body faster and double the rate.

Here is a list of vegetables that is great for your diet:


  1. Lettuce – lettuce are the number one must have for a person who wants to lose weight. Basically lettuce are a whole meal itself for some people but like most people who are on a diet, this is a staple ingredient for a healthy salad. Toss it with fresh cucumber, carrots, corn, peppers and/or onion with your favourite dressing and you are all set. A salad is a low calorie dish that helps eliminate hunger.
  2. Garlic and Onion – these are what we call flavor booster because they add that additional “tang” to your dish. Garlic and Onion are a good source of antioxidants that will help with toxin build up in your body. Garlic is also a great blood thinner and will reduce high blood pressure.
  3. Spinach – not only is spinach a great source of phytonutrients, spinach is proven to help a person with inflammatory problem, bone problem and cardiovascular problems. Like any other vegetable, spinach is also a great source of nutrients like Vitamin E and C, manganese, beta-carotene as well as zinc just to name a few. In addition to getting your vitamin and nutrients, spinach is also effective to help one with memory loss and age related problems.
  4. Zucchini – Zucchini, another vegetable in the green group contains 36 calories for 1 cup. It aids a person who’s having problems with indigestion and constipation plus it lowers blood sugar level. Additional added benefit of zucchini is that it helps reduce the chances of prostate problems because of phytonutrients in zucchinis. It can also act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of having heart attacks because it breaks down amino acids like homocysteine.
  5. Leeks – In addition to being an antioxidant, leeks contains high level of folate that also lowers the level of homocysteine in the blood. Leek is a great source of vitamin C, K and B6 in addition to having iron as well as manganese. Remember that leeks are with the same family as onions and garlic so they have the same beneficial effects indicated above.
  6. Broccoli – Broccoli is the best choice for people who are on a diet simply because it is delicious and can be eaten in different ways but for the healthy benefits, broccoli is a great source of fiber that helps cleanse our insides and flushes out toxins outside the body. Broccoli is also a great source of vitamin A. Why is broccoli a favourite ingredient in a diet menu? That’s simple. A cup of broccoli contains a high percentage of protein compared to a cup of corn or rice but has lower caloric level compared than the former two. More benefits but lesser calories.
  7. Beans – technically part of the legume family, beans contain proteins that equals to a small portion or ounce of meat. Beans also contain antioxidants plus it is proven to be an example of an anti-aging type of food. Furthermore, beans are very beneficial for a person who wants to lose weight since they low lever of glucose (sugar) and are known to eliminate the risk for diabetes. If you want an ingredient that will provide you with energy through the day, beans should be included in your grocery list.
  8. Carrots – Asides lettuce and potatoes, carrots are the third most advisable diet ingredient for various reasons. Asides containing vitamin and minerals, carrots are proven to help reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, it helps improves vision due to Vitamin A and beta-carotene plus carrots help nourishes the skin because it is a great detoxifying vegetable and helps with anti-aging as well.

If you’ll notice from the list provided, majority of items in the list are mostly antioxidants and source for vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are not only healthy and nutritious, it is also cheap and you can even plant your own vegetable garden right at your back yard. There are tons of ways to incorporate vegetables in your diet without the risk of consuming more than the allotted daily calorie.


How to lose weight with sushi


Raw food is generally best for the body because it retains the enzymes and other important nutrients that are lost along with exposure to high temperatures or very low or preparation processes. This diet is very beneficial because Sushi contain not fat but it contains only omega 3 oils from fish which is prepared.

Sushi is composed largely of protein, depending on the mode of preparation (most often in combination with rice) may contain carbohydrates, but in small quantity.

Sushi Diet

The secret of this diet is the consumption of natural, uncooked. Depending on the type of sushi consumption can easily lose a relatively short period of time because its composition help lower cholesterol and dramatically revitalize the metabolism.

Sushi-based diet must be rich in fruits and vegetables and contain as few varieties of cooked food, or even at all. This mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fat can be considered the golden ratio in the diet food. The nutritional balance is excellent, sushi is joined by several ingredients that encourages weight loss. Citrus vinegar burns fat while supporting metabolic processes.

Sushi can also be prepared using rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce called ponzu, and for a faster digestion is used ginger. Always at a sushi meal is served with green tea, which is known for its properties to burn fat, especially during a diet.

There are still some ways to prepare fish Sushi is not indicated in the diet. So if you’re determined to follow a weight loss regimen based on Sushi avoid excesses because they contain carbohydrates. Tamago is another sort of fish that should be avoided because of high sugar content.

For the diet to work, every meal should be well organized and consume slowly and in moderation. Use sauces characteristic of this dish to avoid consuming excess salt and green tea.


How to lose weight


Adopt the following tips in your daily diet and you will see that soon you’ll feel lighter and healthier.

  • Skip the croutons, halves the amount of dressing and parmesan cheese.
  • Order or prepare you a fried egg with two pieces of ham omelet instead of a whole egg with two pieces of pork ham.
  • Use 4 tablespoons hummus, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise instead of the sandwich. If you’re fan of hummus, use mustard, which contains almost no calories.
  • Eat just one slice of bread on sandwich, the rest give it to birds.
  • Aim for a serving of popcorn, no butter, instead of a bag of potato chips.
  • Between meals, appease your hunger with a handful of pretzels than a handful of peanuts.
  • Eat meat without bread.
  • When cooking at home, reduce to a minimum amount of oil used, even if it’s olive oil.


After reaching the weight, stabilization is the next important phase. You keep the 5-day diet 1400 calories and two days will be entitled to favorite foods, two of the three meals.

Self-massage for heavy legs

Do you feel tired and heavy legs? Nothing compares to a massage for venous congestion. Stretch on your back, lift each leg separately. After the massage, wait 10 minutes. Use essential oil of cypress.

Goodbye endless tables

  • Tables that lasts long and often lead to weight gain. Sit at the table 10 minutes and then get up.
  • Resume abandoned sports courses during the summer. Power-Plate, aqua boxing, pilates, Swedish gymnastics or jogging are perfect physical activity to lose weight.

Return to routine

  • It takes up to three meals a day: a hearty breakfast, a salad for lunch and dinner for the family.
  • Eat less, avoid fatty meats and fried foods.

It’s up to you to look good

  • At home, cook food easily without large amounts of fat.