A Topic For Argument Essay

it to a research question and then the broader perspective of once you get that research question what do you do with it what is the process going forward so I wanted to start with this brief clip I’m gonna have to close this window and open another one this is Pete Holmes he was a comedian many years ago I mean he still is a comedian but the clip I’m going to show you is from Conan many years ago and I think it’s a great way to start off because he is I think. Learn what you need to know when doing argumentative essay at Edusson.

But one of the things that we that students tend to do sometimes with research topics is to grab the topic that they think is easiest and then run for google and google it madly and pick sources that just support their point of view but Pete Holmes kind of has his own ideas about how reliant we’ve become on Google and what this is done to us as a culture so I think it’s kind of a fun place to start from so I’m going to play the last couple minutes of this clip and then we can go on from there the joke is doing it as long as I can that’s so I have an i telephone I have an I telephone thank you which means I have Google on my phone I’m guessing a lot of you do have Google on my phone now that’s ruining our lives I don’t know if you’ve noticed it’s ruining life because we know everything but we’re not a lick smarter for it we just know you don’t know something wait two seconds you will know having Google on your phone is like having a drunk know-it-all in your pocket there’s no time for mystery or wonder you’re just like how do they make glass and you know but the time between not knowing and knowing is so brief that knowing feels exactly like not knowing.

So life is meaningless I’ve literally been in bed in the morning alone just like where’s Tom Petty from I feel nothing is there was no time to not know listen to me there was a time and I don’t mean to get all Andy Rooney Anya but there was a time that if you didn’t know where Tom Petty was from you just didn’t know and you felt that yearning and that deficit in your being and you’d go around and ask actual people impregnated with wonder and then they’d go and ask people until one fateful day you see a girl wearing a Heartbreakers t-shirt you rush up to her and you’re like hey where’s Tom Petty from and she tells you Florida and a wave of endorphins and pleasure and meaning would wash over you and you felt something and that’s how you met your wife do you understand your wedding song was refugee.